Nintendo Game Giveaway Target for Hackers

Nintendo Game Giveaway Target for Hackers

With the release of the game 'Monster Hunter Tri' Nintendo of Australia decided to attempt to run a gaming competition aimed at people wanting to purchase the game. The game was a simple point and click game where the best scorer of the week gained a Black Wii, Monster Hunter Tri, and a copy of the Black Game Controller Pro. However what Nintendo wasn't banking on was that hackers would score the prizes.

In Steve Jobs' letter to Apple last week, it was made abundantly clear that Flash was an unstable platform, and one of the easiest to hack in the world. As if to back that up, hackers targeted Nintendos' competition, potentially coming away with over $5,000 in prizes.

"It was very easy" said one of the hackers on a private forum. "With some basic tools found everywhere online we found we could freeze the clock, gain invulnerability, and instantly kill any monster we faced. In no time at all we had scores not possible for normal people to attain."

Prize Packs for Hackers

Without even checking the scores, Nintendo Australia sent out various prize packs to the hackers. A small team of hackers (who also happened to be the individual winners) have their eyes set on the main prize, which happens to be every game Nintendo releases for an entire year.

"That'll keep the ol' paperweight from gaining dust for a couple of weeks" said one of the more ambitious of the hackers.