Get Paid to Play Games Online

Get Paid to Play Games Online

When people ask me what I do for a living it is often difficult telling them that I make money playing games. To them it's pretty bewildering and not a little incredulous, to say the least.

They've heard about testers before of course. People in cubicle farms doing system tests and pushing the eject button on a console over and over again or some such boring stuff.

get paid to play games onlineI laugh at that, as I've never had to do system testing. And I never will.

That said, I get paid to play games online, from the comfort of my own home. It's pretty satisfying in itself!

I mean, who in their right mind actually wants to commute to a dumb job every day, work for a jackass of a boss, be treated like crap by some over zealous supervisor and for all that... get paid peanuts?


Easy Money

What is truly amazing to them is the fact that I get to wake up in the morning, put 5 or 6 hours into a game, and then I'm done for the day, as well as being $300-$500 richer. It's not just about the pay either. Good testers get some great benefits – Usually they get the game long before it comes out (once it has gone gold) and other perks also.

I can't blame them for being a bit jealous. As someone who gets paid to play games online, it's a little bit nuts. From upcoming MMO's and multiplayer games, to small arcade titles and co-op titles, I get only the cream of the crop to play. That's just how important I am to these studios. When I tell my friends that anyone can do it, they think I'm joking.

I've been getting my friends into this business for years. Many of them are now lead testers just like me. Some of the brighter ones took this role and then got into game development, design and programming. I've got friends working on the next call of duty, the next WoW expansion and the next Atlus game. I love my job, and I love my friends. But most of all, I love going to work to get paid to play games online.

How to Get Paid Playing Games Online

Getting into this business is actually easier than you might think it is. There are some really good, dependable and trustworthy companies that hire home video games testers and send them games to test on a regular basis.

You start with a few easy ones to get you in the swing of things and progress to bigger, more complex games as you go along. As long as you complete the tasks the company sets within the timeframe they tell you, they'll pay you and keep sending you more work to do.

I say work, but you have to believe me, this totally does not feel like "work" in any way shape or form! You just have to let go of the established mode of thinking that you have to go to work every day and hate your job to be considered "one of the normal citizens" in this life.

I can recommend one such company that I work with personally: Click the image banner below to visit their website and follow the easy steps to sign up. That will get you started making easy money working from you home playing amazing games!

It may not be the best thing you ever did, but it sure will be one of the most satisfying things you could ever do!