Call of Duty Black Ops Beta Confirmed

Call of Duty Black Ops Beta Confirmed

Team DX Coders - The very same people who cracked the key algorithm for Halo: Reach - Have made an announcement that they have found Beta keys for Call of Duty Black Ops.

Team DX Coders have been known for the fact that they leaked Beta Keys for Halo: Reach before there was even a beta announcement, and it looks like it's the same again this time.

"They were in the same place we found Halo's ones, more or less. Microsoft isn't being too careful to hide the keys, but we expect that to change in the future. For now we will do the same thing we did with Reach, keep the keys under wraps until the Beta is fully announced, then share them."

Not Happy with the News

As always, the hacking forum that Team DX Coders is a part of is in a furore over the news, especially considering the well known distribution of keys that occurred for Reach. No doubt we will see them floating around the net the moment the Beta is properly announced. The hacking team gave the keys out to various high profile websites, as well as over their own forums and you tube.

Of course, could this all be a ploy by Activision to increase hype for the game? Doubtful, considering a release date is so far away. It would be far more likely to be the case if this occurred just after E3. When trying to reach Activision for comment, I was stone walled at every turn. Focusing on developer Treyarch instead, they let out this little gem "We can't confirm that Black Ops will have a beta" Uhh... that's not a no, guys.

I guess that means legally I can say "I can't confirm that I am already testing Black Ops for Activision" - That should fly sufficiently under the NDA radar.

For those that don't know, Call of Duty: Black Ops is the next Call of Duty game to be released on November 9, 2010 - It will no doubt be piggybacking on the success of Modern Warfare 2, though whether customers relate 'Modern Warfare 2′ with the 'Call of Duty' brand, remains to be seen.

We will of course attempt to give out as many codes as possible over our e-mail list when they are released, that is of course, as long as Microsoft doesn't wizen to the fact that these codes have been hacked already. Actually... I'm pretty sure even then they won't care.