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The whole concept of creating virtual realities that could be displayed in a kind of visual 3D on a flat computer monitor or games display is in itself truly awe-inspiring when you stop and think about it some.

The History of Video Games is More Interesting than It Appears

There are few video games manufacturers that spark the imagination of gamers as the Nintendo name does. And it does it in both its amazing variety of titles from family games to dedicated gamer exploits of all descriptions. But what we see on our computing devices now is a far cry from what our great, great grandparents had for entertainment all those decades ago.

It's really very interesting when you read through the full gaming history timeline at how many different variations and amazing virtual worlds were produced through the years since the genre's inception. I really think that it makes you want to stand in absolute awe of how pioneering the gaming companies and their founders were in pushing their way through a lot of unwarranted suspicion and mistrust from a public that were still getting accustomed to the idea that there was a real and working alternative to the board game!

In fact, I have even heard it said that it was that kind of restrictive mentality that prevented our computer-based entertainment from coming into existence much sooner than it actually did!

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