Hello everyone,

My name is Shaun Bice and I am ?THE? Games Tester. I?ve been playing and testing games since 1992.I get a lot of games, far ahead of the release date, from a lot of companies. The best part? I get to test them all from the comfort of my own home. Some days, I don?t even put on pants. That?s the life I lead. Of course there is some hard work involved, and if I didn?t do my job right, I?d get fired. But I do, and I live a life of pretty much luxury because of it.

There is nothing better than coming home to find the latest build of an awesome game in the mailbox, just begging you to play it. Oh, wait there is?. the $$$ I get at the end of the week. It almost feels like stealing candy from a baby.

Game Testing can be used as an entry level pathway into almost any job within a Game Studio. So set your sights high, strap in and hold on for the ride. We?ll be here a while.